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Upgrade of Transformers' Quality Control

Upgrade of Transformers' Quality Control

The new investment of EMMIS in specialized equipment for the upgrade of the quality control of their transformers has been completed.

Part of the new equipment is the high-tech Test Bench by Ortea as well as the new special step–down transformer.  

transformers quality control equipment

The new equipment has been designed particularly for the needs of our company, based on the requested indications and recordings of electrical magnitudes and the test types taking place, which are the following:

  1. No-load losses test
  2. No-load current test
  3. Full load losses test
  4. Short circuit voltage test
  5. Temperature rise test (Δt)

With the installation and commissioning of the new equipment, the precision of the input voltage during the quality control process is stable against the power supply’s network fluctuations at a rate of ±0.5%.

The result of the high voltage stabilization is the execution of the tests with much higher accuracy and reliability.

Moreover, it is now possible to execute tests to transformers of much higher power up to 2,000kVA (while prior to the investment, the tests were limited to transformers of power up to 400kVA).

In the past, the above-mentioned tests were taking place with input voltage (the fluctuation of which could reach the fluctuation of the voltage of the power supply’s network), parallel checks, and manual corrections, if the voltage fluctuation was increasing too high.

With the above investment, EMMIS once more demonstrates its commitment to the high quality and safety of all its products and services, maximizing the benefits of all its clients and ensuring the effective protection of their electrical installations.