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Oxygen - 3ph 200-3200kVA Sag Compensator

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Oxygen is a SAG compensator, suitable for dealing with sudden, big and short duration voltage drops (commonly known as SAGs).

The use of the double conversion technology guarantees the protection from the disturbances and the distortions of the network and, together with the help provided by the electrolytic capacitors, makes it possible to build products for high power loads.

The voltage compensation on the buck/boost primary winding is performed by IGBT static switches controlled by a microcontroller. The microcontroller system monitors the output voltage and determines the opening or closing of the IGBT contacts ensuring the best regulation.

Oxygen, thanks to a suitable sizing of the power components and a remarkable response speed (

Current models are able to cover network’s voltage drop to 50% of the nominal value (-50%).This SAG Compensator can operate with a load variation range for each phase from 0 to 100%, it is not affected by the power factor of the load and it can works with or without the neutral wire (on request). Oxygen can operate with different inputs and, consequently, output voltage (380V or 415V) than the nominal one (400V).

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  • SAG compensation of up to 50% with continuous online regulation up to ±15%.
  • Compensation in less than 3 msecs.
  • High efficiency >98% at nominal power.
  • Industrial design - Designed for typical industrial loads able to be overloaded up to 150% for 1 minute (at nominal input voltage).
  • Modular construction - Fast & Easy maintenance.
  • Without energy storage - Minimum maintenance and increased reliability.
  • Internal by-pass static switch enabling load supply in case of a fault condition.
  • Connectivity - Modbus TCP/IP.
  • Multilingual touch screen interface - Easy to understand with simple user controls, events log.
Main components
  • IGBT microcontroller-based electronic control boards running the system in terms of regulation and alarm management.
  • Conversion units (AC/DC rectifier and DC/AC inverter)
  • Internal by-pass static switch enabling load supply in case of a fault condition.
  • Buck/boost transformer adding or reducing the voltage, necessary to compensate of the grid’s fluctuation.
  • Touch Display.
  • The user interface is created using a multilingual “touch panel” (10”); through the selection menu, it is possible to display electrical values and set the operating parameters.
  • It is also possible to communicate with the electronic component via the port RS485 using the Modbus protocol.
  • The standard cabinet is metallic with RAL9005 color and IP21 protection degree.
Key benefits
  • Protection from the most common Power Quality problem.
    Voltage SAGs are the most common cause of equipment malfunctions in automated industry. SAGs correction up to -50% for 1 min.
  • Economical solution: no maintenance and operation costs.
    No battery energy storage required. Efficiency >98%.
  • Compared to UPS…
    Oxygen solution is specific for voltage SAGs with considerable benefits in terms of reduced cost, less maintenance, smaller footprint and occupied space, no specific climate room or air conditioning required.
  • Input automatic circuit breaker
  • Short circuit output protection
  • Manual maintenance by-pass
  • Input isolating transformer
  • EMI/RFI filters

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