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New certified marine transformers

New certified marine transformers

A new type-approved marine transformer has been designed and manufactured by EMMIS MARINE exclusively for maritime industry.

It is a three phase low-voltage transformer, dry type under the trade name MAR / TC, with power of 5 – 630kVA and IP 23 protection degree.

For the development of the MAR / TC type-approved marine transformer, special emphasis has been placed on the research and design segment so that it not only meets the requirements of certification but also incorporates strong differentiation elements with respect to its respective products not only in Greece but also abroad.

In particular, special emphasis has been put on energy saving with the smart design of the metal casing, the internal air ducts and the special copper high current terminals to avoid thermal losses.

The easy removal of surfaces, the clear surface of the cover and the easy removal of the cover, make it considerably easier and reduce the required execution time, such as installation, inspection and maintenance.

Of course, security matters! Special care to mechanically hold cables through fittings and mount the suspension links on the main body of the transformer protects against the risk of current leakage and accidents at work respectively.

See the 10 points of excellence of certified marine transformers by EMMIS MARINE.

The certification comes from the Lloyd’s Register certification body and covers marine (and industrial) applications in accordance with IEC 60076-11: 2004, IEC 60092-303: 1980, IEC 61558-2-4: 2009 and regulations of Lloyd’s.

The development and construction of the new type-approved MAR / TC transformer is an integral part of EMMIS’s new strategic plan for the company’s penetration into the maritime industry.